What is AdverStore

Adverstore is the definitive creative advertising store for the micro and small businesses online campaigns.

Simply put, it is the path for individual, micro and small companies to access the same high quality professional advertising designs big companies do, at an inexpensive cost and through an extremely easy process.

We have upsided-down the process of creating online advertising creative campaigns, in order to make it more efficient, fast and inexpensive for the micro and small companies.

What do we do

We select hundreds of different businesses from all industry sectors and then research and design different possible communication approaches for each specific business.

Then, through our inhouse and worldwide network of Professional Ad Designers

  1. We design different creative campaigns for each communication approach
  2. We develop different creative pieces in different formats (static, animated, flash, etc.) and sizes for each campaign and
  3. We create templates ready to be easily customized by you

Then You only have to

  1. Choose your company's business
  2. Choose the format and size of the ad you need and browse the different creative proposals
  3. Choose a template and easily customize it with your company's name/logo and copy or claims
  4. Download it ready to use it immediately for your online campaigns

Extremely easy, fast and inexpensive.

In less than five minutes and less than $5 you can have professional looking ads for your online campaigns.

And if you don't find the specific approach you are looking for your communication or there is no creative for your specific business yet, you can submit us a briefing and we will add that template to our ad base at no extra cost.

Our mission

Our mission is transforming traditional ad design industry to deliver high value to micro and small business advertisers and micro and small business designers, both traditionaly underserved by the industry.